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I LOVE dark chocolate, Betty Boop & anything purple & sparkly!
I look for JOY in everything I do & weave Gratitude in my daily life !! 
Professionally, as an Award winning Master Esthetician, I have over 3 DECADES of experience in the Spa industry. I am invloved with & have volunteered on different Boards in Canada & the USA. My work has been published in multiple industry publications & I am an Amazon Best Selling Author!
I have been blessed with great success in my own Boutique studio, Skindulgence Spa in Port Moody, Canada, where I implemented my signature philosophy, the "Purple Carpet Experience" & the S.E.L.L Framework.

I still work part time in my spa with private refer only clients, so I totally GET YOU & can help you! 


I can assist you with growing your bottom line;


  • With Social Media strategy; what to post & how to position yourself as THE expert in your community! 
  • Help with creating the perfect menu pricing & service mix.
  • Strategic consultation methods to build your retail sales, loyalty & your bottom line revenue 
  • Your VISUAL story, offer suggestions for the types of merchandise mix you should carry for YOUR specific clientele & ways to build customer loyalty.



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Client love for the Consult Sheet

Imagine getting your clients to say YES to your

retail recommendations, every time?

Esthies often ask me HOW to SELL more Retail homecare products to their clients.. I have an inside secret for you!
You are simply just NOT asking the right questions to get the YESSS!!

As a Master Esthetician & a Biz Coach, I have tweaked my own client consult sheet over the last 30 years & now offer it for you to buy too.
Even during lockdown, I was able to sell more retail in a week than most Esthies sell in a MONTH & this was one of my SECRETS to doing that!
Its a simple one page consult but contains what I call "magical" questions that gets a YES!
                 You can now access this for only $9.97, click on the image below 


Want more Profits, then you need the Profit Bundle

Have more MONTH then MONEY?

Thats likely because you are NOT priced properly.
Do you actually know what you make an hour?
Then this incredible tool will be seriously eye opening!

Spa Biz Coach Tazeem Jamal

Only $174+ tax

This package includes the Recording of the masterclass,

Cash In On Consultations plus instant access to the P.I.C.C Tool is included!
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**Please note due to the digital nature of this bundle, there are NO REFUNDS**

Why work with me?
I have been in the Spa industry for over 35 years, as a Master Esthetician, published author& an Award winning Spa Biz Coach.
I have worked with hundreds of Estheticians & Beauty Professionals over the years!

Here are a few high profile Spa industry companies that I have had the priveledge to work with & below are some words of love from some of my clients! 

Get your Beauty Biz Visibility Vault for ONLY $99 today!

*Also Includes 60 images ready to BRAND with your logo, including a variety of motivational, general Beauty Tips & Spa related images, to reduce daily overwhem & get YOU in front of your ideal audience as the EXPERT!

*This includes a jam packed video training that will help you see where the holes are in your biz! "3 ways you are leaving COLD, Hard Ca$h on the treatment table" 
*Social Media Planning sheets to stay organised.