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Do you need support to grow your spa?


With this online program you will get support with

*Social media images ready to brand

*Group Coaching with live access to a Coach to support you

*A new topic of learning every month (calls recorded)

* Access to a Private members ONLY FB group to share ideas!


Join our online small group Coaching program as a Founding member before the end of April 2019!! 

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 WHY should Clients choose YOU

About Tazeem

  Client Love  💋

 I want to thank Tazeem Jamal. I wasn’t sure what my investment of time and money was going to yield with her, as I’ve never had a spa coach before, but WOW! Well, every call is filled with great ideas & Tons of AH-Ha moments.

 How I have I grown from Coaching with Tazeem ?  💜

 Not only has she given me back my freedom, but has helped me PIVOT my business growth by over 35% !! 

 We have covered so many different facets of my business. I have worked with Tazeem for over 8 months now, I truly   value her opinion and feedback! If you are in my predicament may feel stagnant, or even if you think your business is a perfectly well oiled machine, she, she can help with your evolution ! 

Love you Taz! So glad to call you a dear friend & my Biz Coach !

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