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Facebook is a FREE platform, but there some rules that we have to follow for it to work in our FAVOUR! Many people say that you have to PAY to PLAY; thats not totally untrue, but I will tell you that the when you are CONSISTENT & post according to FB rules, you WILL grow your reach & engagement ORGANICALLY!!!  

Facebook & social media in general are really NO longer an option today
if you are in buisness!
Clients will almost always look you up on SM/your website to see who you are & how you show up!

This is their first point of contact with you & your BRAND, ensure you represent yourself well! Think of your SM Pages as the storefront of your business!

In this 2 hour masterclass you will learn the simple often overlooked ways to grow & optimize all aspects of your page.

*We cover do's & don'ts of images
*Optimal Times to share for your page

* The 80/20 Rule

*We go into specific examples of FB pages of the clients that were live to show you exactly how to do things*All through out the session, I answer questions that very likely you have had too!
If I did not cover something, then I invite you into my Free FB Group The Spa Marketing Forum  & happy to answer your questions there!
Enjoy & be sure to have a note book handy to make notes!

       For only $49 get the 17 Insider Secrets FB                    Masterclass &enjoy the replay at any time  
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