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I LOVE dark chocolate, Betty Boop & anything purple & sparkly!
I look for JOY in everything I do & weave Gratitude in my daily life !! 
Professionally, as an Award winning Master Esthetician, I have over 3 DECADES of experience in the Spa industry. I am invloved with & have volunteered on different Boards in Canada & the USA. My work has been published in multiple industry publications & I am an Amazon Best Selling Author!
I have been blessed with great success in my own Boutique studio, Skindulgence Spa in Port Moody, Canada, where I implemented my signature philosophy, the "Purple Carpet Experience" & the S.E.L.L Framework.

I still work part time in my spa with private refer only clients, so I totally GET YOU & can help you! 


I can assist you with growing your bottom line;


  • With Social Media strategy; what to post & how to position yourself as THE expert in your community! 
  • Help with creating the perfect menu pricing & service mix.
  • Strategic consultation methods to build your retail sales, loyalty & your bottom line revenue 
  • Your VISUAL story, offer suggestions for the types of merchandise mix you should carry for YOUR specific clientele & ways to build customer loyalty.



Your Spa Biz Coach
 Creator of "The Purple Carpet Experience" & the S.E.L.L. Framework



 Enrollment for the Spa Marketing L.A.B
is now closed until late

February 2021!

Tazeem Jamal ~ Retail Sales Catalyst


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