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As a prolific, well recognized writer, Tazeem has been featured in many articles & podcasts in the industry. Here are some links to find them.

Tales of InSPAration with Tazeem Jamal

       In today’s video, I speak to the inspirational Tazeem Jamal. With an illustrious career spanning over 3 decades, Tazeem Jamal PMDT, LE is a highly respected, Spa Industry Coach & an award-winning Master Esthetician. She opened her own spa over 30 years ago & garnered a reputation for thinking outside the box! She now shares her business experience & inSPAires Estheticians to step into their POWER & brilliance, by creating a rocking mindset. “Relationships are the new currency” & these are the words that Tazeem lives by & uses as a guide to grow her Coaching business.


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